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Audi Alteram Partem is a new and very effective way of looking for a Job. Register your profile and give us a shot.

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Our Method allows employers to view you as more than just a CV and see you in person before they make a decision
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Designed with you in mind. We cater for all Professions and Skills. Register your Profile, Upload your CV and you are good to go.
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We save you time and money. All you have to do is upload your CV and a good Photo.

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According to research, most HR Practisioners get bored by monotonous CVs and prefer to choose a candidate they have seen.

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Potential Employees don’t pay a cent to have their names put in the Database. Join us now. Register here.

Our Method

Job Auditions “Audi Alteram Partem” the company’s uniqueness is embedded in that it has never been done before. It’s a new, fresh idea/company. Auditions have always been associated & limited to art, if one is seeking a role as a singer, actor, dancer or musician consisting of a practical demonstration of the candidate’s ability suitability and skill. Auditions display the power of seeing & hearing requiring character & confidence – most of all it is about the power of PRESENCE.

Step 1

How it works? The jobseeker registers & submits their CV online under the relevant job category, for example, procurement or the legal category

Step 2

After the jobseeker has registered & submitted their CV, they will receive an automated response, informing them about the audition date, time, venue.

Step 3

The jobseekers must then prepare themselves in terms of appearance & in accordance with what they have expressed in their CV to present it in person in front of different employers from various companies, this is aimed at increasing opportunity & success.

We Deliver Results

With us, you are more likely to get a reply from employers within a week or two.


The Ultimate Job Hunting Platform


Be more than just a piece of paper. Get a chance to meet all your potential Bosses and choose the Highest Salary offer. People are more likely to hire and trust people they have interacted with. Most Recruiting companies ignore this. It is not only your Skills and Qualifications that get you the Job. It is your Personality too. So here are some tips that will guarantee you a better chance of being picked:

  • Be clean and neat. Upload a clear photo

  • Be sincere about who you are and what you can do

  • Only list your strong points. The things you are best at

I'm sure you have tried everything else. Now try the best.
Audi Alteram Partem affords jobseekers immediate results & transparency. An opportunity to be heard & seen. The aim is to implement a fast, efficient & effective way of getting a job. Most importantly, it is a day of hope.
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