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Why you should try us ?

Auditions are a leading personality which potentially describes, explains & predicts behavior. Job Auditions by the Audi Alteram Partem company, which encompasses recruitment services, job auditioning & could also be expressed as resembling the manner of auction processes.

We Are Unique

Job Auditions “Audi Alteram Partem” the company’s uniqueness is embedded in that it has never been done before. It’s a new, fresh idea/company. Auditions have always been associated & limited to art, if one is seeking a role as a singer, actor, dancer or musician consisting of a practical demonstration of the candidate’s ability suitability and skill. Auditions display the power of seeing & hearing requiring character & confidence – most of all it is about the power of PRESENCE.

We are the Future

It is a step in the future – a unique, different & fresh way of obtaining a job, a modern but still acknowledges the traditional way of doing things. But also embraces change & improvement in a fast advancing world.

We save you Time and Money

Job auditions affords every candidate the opportunity to become their personal Curriculum Vitae, no more documents. It’s aim is to do away with the idea of who the jobseeker is as expressed in the form of a document “CV”, or imagine who you are & the regret of not having given other candidates an opportunity compelling re-advertisement of posts due to lack of a suitable candidate not being found.

We Connect Employers with Employees

Presence is a simple act of being. Job auditions aims to no longer be limited to art but seeks to infiltrate the other fields as well to be granted equal opportunities. No more limitation of interviews from 2 to 3 successful, well structured & with interesting CVs but every candidate gets an opportunity to present themselves, increasing more opportunities to both jobseekers & employers.

More About Our Method

Job auditions define what success looks like in a team & organization prior to recruitment, reducing time & cost to successfully fill vacancies. Job Auditions came as result of Considering the struggles encountered by jobseekers which encompass financial, time constraints, traveling costs & result in desperation for most people.


Nandi Fatman
Nandi Fatman


I grew up in the Eastern Cape, Uitenhage specifically. I was based in the Western Cape for 9 years, working for the Western Cape Education Department, Curriculum Development, having obtained a qualification in Public Procurement & Supply Management with UNISA. I have a legal background, hence the legal Latin name for job auditions is Audi Alteram Partem – which basically means to hear both sides of the story. Referring to both employers & jobseekers. 5 concepts aimed at by Audi Alteram Partem

  • Jobseekers become their personal CV
  • Magnifies the importance of Presence
  • Seeing & hearing of the jobseekers’ story by different employers yielding more opportunities for the employers as well
  • Immediate & transparent results
  • Day of hope
Audi Alteram Partem affords jobseekers immediate results & transparency. An opportunity to be heard & seen. The aim is to implement a fast, efficient & effective way of getting a job. Most importantly, it is a day of hope.
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